Saturday, October 29, 2011

Out of coverage area !!!

Raghu and Prabhu are friends from their childhood. It is almost 3 years, they are not talking to each other due to some quarrel. Prabhu keeps trying to reach Raghu and Raghu on the other hand never responds to his calls.
Prabhu tries to call Raghu again, as usual Raghu rejects the call. Now the calls have stopped from Prabhu.

Raghu accidentally meet Kashi who is a friend of Raghu and Prabhu. Kashi is settled in USA and has lost contact with Raghu. With surprise Raghu asks "How are you. And when did you come to India?". "Came here 3 days back, Prabhu was severely ill. came her to meet him." After listening to the news Raghu starts dialing Prabhu's number. Kashi says "He will not pick your call, He has gone on a journey where there is no return."

With tearful eyes Raghu blames himself. Till today Raghu tries calling Prabhu but the answer from other end remains unchanged "The user you are trying to reach is out of coverage area."

My Son's Wedding.

One fine day, my 9 year old son stood in front of me and said "Dad.. I like Shreya a lot and I want to marry her. She is also in love with me". I was little surprised to hear that, later I looked at my son and smiled. "Not a problem, I will arrange your wedding." - was my answer, just to keep him happy. Somehow I was not convinced with his thought, I was thinking it could be mere attraction, nothing else. He may understand the real meaning of LOVE once he grows up and get matured. My son is stubborn like me. He stuck to his thought and today I am arranging there wedding wholeheartedly. One must ask wedding to a 9 Year kid !!!! Oh.. Yes. He proposed her 16 Years back and today he is 25 (Eligible for marriage :))....

Kapoor Uncle's wife

Kapoor Uncle and his wife are made for each other. They are role models for young generation. They have this practice of having dinner together, Kapoor uncle feeds a morsel(bite) to Aunt Saroja, and same thing Aunt follows. With immense understanding between they two also fight, and Kapoor uncle wants accept defeat every time.  Today is yet another day they are having dinner together. Servant Ramu stands next to Kapoor uncle and says "Its time to leave". After hearing his words Kapoor uncle's eye are wet. He tells aunt "Saroja, I will come tomorrow... again". Ramu holds hand of Kapoor uncle and walks him out of the Grave Yard!!!!. Yes, Aunt Saroja died 20 years back.!!!

Small Joys....

            Manu and Keerthi are having a small altercation going on. Its pretty common in married couples, but today the matter is little serious. Keerthi wants to be in good status in terms of money, car and mansion to stay. Manu respects her wishes to grow rich and attain a social identity, but he values small dreams and small joys which are inexpensive, which are not so important for Keerthi. Keerhi is ready to sacrifice the day to day happiness to  achieve the career and financial growth. She is convincing Manu to wait for 2 more years, and she will be back to his life with lots of wealth. Manu loves his wife and cannot object her in any way. He agrees. Keerthi Flies to Delhi.

2 Years Later.....

               Its the day Manu has been waiting for. As promised Keerthi is returning home. Manu has decorated the whole house and has left to market to get Jamoon (Sweet Dish), which is Keerthi's favorite sweet dish. He receives a call from Keerthi. "Honey, I am home..". Manu could not stay in market and rushes towards home to meet his wife with a broad smile on his face. He never reached home, his cell phone went unanswered. After an hour Keerthi gets a call stating Manu is dead in a road accident. Keerthi collapses.

                  Today Keerthi has everything which she dreamt of, except the loving husband. Nevertheless one sentences which Manu always tried to use to convince Keerthi remain with her. "Its good to dream and achieve big, meanwhile one should not kill their small joys". Keerthi never understood this sentence when Manu was alive...

Who will console?

You were the one who made me forget all the sorrows, pain and depression.

Now who will console for the pain caused by your separation ?

What a Gift...

It's Prateek's birthday today. As per the routine, his entire family visited temple to perform rituals and get blessings. One of the family members is missing, who is it? oh its his wife. It's been six months Prateek's wife left him due to some small misunderstanding. Prateek is still waiting for her to come back. Its 6.30 PM now, Prateek is back from office. The security guy comes with an envelop and hands it over to Prateek. Yes, Prateek has a nice smile on his face. The letter is from his wife. He opens it with lots of joy, and there vanishes his smile. Its a divorce paper sent by his wife. He got many gifts today at his office on his birthday, but this one is the most surprising and shocking wish anybody can get. Prateek laughs at his fate and walks into the house..... [to be continued...]

Path of return...

Staring at the road where you will never walk on,

Keeping my last hope to see you on the path of return,

Can you return back at least once to laugh at my foolishness?